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Eye of the Tiger - Tommee Profitt

Here is a fun addition to your Halloween show! Enjoy the new, epic sound of this favorite classic that makes it perfectly haunting for the season of scares. This music brings drama but is beautiful at the same time as it builds throughout the song for a tense ending. And who can beat a tiger on the matrix?!




Moving heads are not included but are available as a separate purchase. The moving heads add-on can be found here:

This sequence includes everything seen on the preview video except for moving heads. Lyric track is included. All sequence data is created on xLights model groups for easy importing. We do NOT include the mp3 music file in our sequences. Please ensure you can purchase the music BEFORE purchasing the sequence as no refunds are ever given. The music file for this sequence can be purchased here:

Eye of the Tiger - Tommee Profitt

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